“I understood the stillness above the sky / But never the words of men.”  Hölderlin

Bringing together over 30 artists with very different subjective realities, Outhere at The Round Chapel in Clapton and at Core Arts, explores the differences between inner and outer worlds; between the familiar consensus reality – often conflated with ”society” – and private sensibility or conscious experience.

It will pose more questions than it seeks to answer: Can we ever fully understand what is going on inside another person’s head? How does our perspective (identity, background, experience, attitudes) affect our perception of phenomena? Do we see ourselves as insiders or outsiders? Do we feel present to the times or at a remove? Who or what defines inside and outside, centre or perimeter – surely it is everyone else who is out there? Try as we might to analyse each other or see things from another’s point of view, reality remains essentially subjective. Duality is our inherent delusion.

ROUND CHAPEL ARTISTS: Vicky Wright, Sadie Murdoch, Luke Brennan, Darren Marshall, Geraldine Swayne, Vesta Kroese, Matthew Stock, James Mee, Nicole Wassall, Benedikt Dichgans, Konstantinos Menelaou, Jill Rock, Raul Pina, Martin Hampton, Bethany Murray, Omiko, Mark O’Rourke, Alex Ingram, Dolly Sen, Jenny Runacre, Hattie Worboys, Maria Tsartali, Lee Carter, Vassiliki Tzanakoi, Steven Colbourne (read by Olivera Nikolic), David Carey.

Venue: The historic Round Chapel school rooms including the Main Hall, Vestry and octagonal Church Room. Entrance on Powerscroft Road, E5 OPU.

Round Chapel private view and event: Fri 15th 6-9.30 pm with performances and spoken word. Opening Times: Sat 16th June 12pm-6pm, Sunday 17th 12pm – 4pm.

Outhere is curated by Imogen O’Rorke, Nicky Wassall (curators of the Barmy Park festival 2010) and choreographer Hattie Worboys, with participation from Bethlem Gallery artists and Hackney-based mental health arts charity Core Arts.

Outhere continues with more art at Core Arts until 27th July: 1 St Barnabas Terrace, Homerton, London E9 6DJ. Tel: 0298 533 3500. www.corearts.co.uk. Opening times: 10am-4pm Tues-Thur, by appointment.

Core Arts opening night party: 15th June, with live music (free) 6-11pm.

CORE ARTISTS: C.A. Halpin, Alex Ingram, David Beales, David Carey, Sam Birch, Katy Halpin, Ria Pratt (Kim Noble), Sam Birch, Sue Morgan, Alex Ingram, Kerry Hudson, Johnathan Lill, David Carey, Sue Morgan and more…

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